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Use your voice!

“The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship.” King David said.

David was a shepherd. He spent a good number of days and nights outside, under the sky.

He saw stars twinkle, lighting up the darkness and watched as the sun chased the night across the sky. He saw beautiful blue skies and watched as storm clouds, ominous in beauty changed day to dusk.

He said that all these faces of the skies declared the glory of God and proclaimed His craftsmanship.

What do you see when you look up? Clouds? Blue skies? Storm clouds and lightning? Complete darkness? Starlight?
All that is God’s workmanship.

That shade of blue that we’d love to paint walls. That tent covering of stars that feels like a comfortable blanket. That full moon that turns the deepest night into near day. Those rays of sunlight pouring through clouds. Every inch of those vast skies shout the glory of God and point out His incredible creativity.

Have you stopped to think that He created all that for us? For you?

Yes, He did!

He lives above the heavens. He isn’t looking up at the sky, we are. He isn’t laid back on a blanket, arms folded behind His head gazing up at the stars or clouds. He designed all of that for you and me.


Here’s the challenge: the clouds, stars, rain, sun, and moon don’t have words, yet they proclaim the wonder and glory of their Creator. We have mouths with plenty of words. Are we doing the same or do we remain silent for fear of offending someone?

Maybe today we can exercise those vocal cords to point out to someone else how beautiful God’s creation is and how amazing He is to speak it into existence. Maybe say how cool that God designed the clouds to draw water from the oceans, lakes, rivers, and ponds and carry it to the dry places and water the earth.

You don’t have to preach. Next time you walk out of your house with your children, look up and see a cloud against azure and say to them, “Oh, look! God made that one so pretty!” We can do the same as we exit our offices or job sites.

Maybe tonight get outside and look up. As you see those pinpricks of light, listen closely and hear the constant proclamations of God’s glory and praise for His craftsmanship.

Let’s begin today to use our voices to proclaim the glory of God and His craftsmanship.

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