Empower Your Voice with Faye

As a six-time author, seasoned instructor, coach, and speaker, I am dedicated to helping individuals like you transcend the constraints of their past, embrace the truth of God’s word, and construct a life and legacy filled with purpose and passion.

Discover the Pathways to Your Empowerment:

How to Start a Podcast in 12 Hours: Unleash your voice and extend your reach. This streamlined program is designed to take you from concept to launch, equipping you with all the tools needed to start your podcast in just one day. Learn More

Writing Coach: Whether you’re penning your first book or seeking to refine your skills, my personalized coaching will guide you through the writing process, helping you to articulate and share the message God has placed in your heart. Learn More

Rewrite Your Reality: Dive deep into the RISE Method, a transformative journey that redefines your identity in Christ and empowers you to live out your divine purpose. Break free from the shackles of your past and step into a future where your true potential is realized. Learn More

Your journey of survival is a powerful testament, not only to God’s grace but also to your resilience. You’ve been equipped to inspire and uplift those who are navigating the challenges you once faced. Each story you share, each lesson you impart, has the power to transform lives.

Transformation Coach graphic revealing what "RISE Method" means: Rediscover, Inspire, Strengthen, and Elevate
Walk confidently into the life God designed you for.
Share the message God has given you to give the world.
Your story is important! Get it written. Share it with the world.