Faye Bryant

SEEK: God, righteousness, humility

You have to know that the seeking Zephaniah spoke of wasn’t like trying to find your car keys. It’s way more than that.  It’s the kind of seeking where you not only inquire OF Him but you inquire FOR Him. It’s the kind of seeking where you REQUIRE him as the foremost necessity of your […]

Study leads to obedience leads to success

We can learn a lot at church and Sunday School classes/small groups. Truly. These words in Joshua, “Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do“ have been proven in […]

Is your water stagnant?

Anyone who believes in Jesus will have rivers of living water flowing from him/her. Cool. Except there are some who say they believe in Jesus and I don’t see anything like living water coming from them. Let’s think about what a river looks like. It’s not just water flowing by. That water does something. The […]

Love > Shame

I don’t think we understand the actual shame of the cross. Not in its entirety. We get that it was a cruel death. Far exceeding torture that we call heinous today. Hours, even days, of horrifying suffocation, excruciating pain, extreme tissue damage, and overwhelming knowledge that death is near but not quite there, so you […]

Never give up? Why not?

The phrase is spoken in every sports locker room. It’s seen on all kinds of motivational posters. NEVER GIVE UP! The thing is, with a phrase like that, we need a why-not. Sports teams say it so the team will come together and win, so the why-not is “because as a team we will win.” […]

Lie? Just don’t do it!

God was quite explicit about lying. It is not to be done, period. Humans have come up with degrees of lying. “A little white lie won’t hurt anyone.” “If I don’t lie, it will hurt their feelings, so I’m doing it for their good.” Thing is, your lies hurt YOU. They break YOUR covenant with […]

True freedom is within reach!

Paul was addressing the believers in Corinth, telling them about the glory of the new covenant. They knew about the old covenant, the sacrifices to be made at the Temple, how the Lord’s presence rested on that hallowed building, and that it was the only place where people could get near the Lord’s presence to […]

Finding Answers

I have read this verse so many times and thought about the mountains around my house, finding strength in knowing that as strong as they are, God is stronger. As I asked God for a better understanding of the words today, He pointed something out to me I had never considered. He’s really cool like […]

Choose LIFE!

The apostle John wrote these words as both comfort and warning. The same Holy Spirit who guided him to pen these words is the same Holy Spirit who led James to write that even the demons believe in God. Let’s be clear. Anyone who believes in Jesus as Savior, clings to Him, trusts Him with […]

Find real safety in the midst of your trouble

When we are being attacked, when we’re being chased by things that mean to destroy us, we need a place of safety. Fear overwhelms and causes such distress! We want a place where we are safe from every attacker. We want to know they can’t get to us. We need a fortress that can’t be […]

How to show God you really love Him

How do we show God we love Him? Is it through prayer? Is it when we read the Bible every day? Or is it something more? Jesus said, “Those who accept my commandments and obey them are the ones who love me. And because they love me, my Father will love them. And I will […]

When it’s all falling apart…LOOK UP!

The heavens declare the glory of God. Whether it’s brilliant thunderheads glistening in bright sunlight or dark, roiling storm clouds, we see His glory, His creativeness. It may be beautiful sunrises that gently ease light into the sky before suddenly bursting into day or amazing, colorful sunsets that elicit involuntary oohs and ahhs. Whatever we […]