Faye Bryant

How to learn about everything

We’re living in a time when human knowledge is doubling every 24 hours. Double. In a day. That increase used to take a thousand years. That’s crazy! Exciting AND overwhelming. Knowledge is neither good nor evil. It is, however, used for both. There is one way to be certain that we use knowledge well, and […]

Are you a liar, winker, racer, wiggles, and/or gossip?

Six things…no, seven… huh? The culture of the time used this phrasing to say LOOK HERE! or PAY ATTENTION! or THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT! to draw attention to the words following. In this scripture, it’s as if God is pointing out these things because it’s crucial for us to know. In verses 12-14, the description […]

What we choose here determines our there.

It’s difficult to understand, this concept that we all have eternal life. Here Mark looks at it in two aspects. One is life lived here on earth in time, while the other is lived in eternity, in a place of our choosing. Jesus said to His disciples (followers) that putting all their efforts into a […]

Reprimand and Approval = Real Love

Who likes being reprimanded? Yeah, I’m not raising my hand, either. Who likes not knowing the certainty of the love from a friend or family member? God says one of these is worse than the other – and it’s not the reprimand! The Good News Bible paraphrases Proverbs 27:5 as, “Better to correct someone openly […]

Love means…

Jesus told His followers that if they loved Him, they would obey Him. Here, John reminds us of that. It’s pretty important to God. If we say we love God, we will be obedient to His commands. That includes the don’t steal, don’t envy, don’t lie, don’t murder, as well as the love others. See, […]

Prayer is asking for God’s solution.

Jesus was telling the people listening about how God answers the prayers of His people with the blessing most advantageous for that person. He offered the example that if a child asked a parent for a fish, that parent wouldn’t hand the child a snake or if the child asked for an egg, the parent […]

Saturday Sit Down with Faye

The Truth About Gratitude

Commit, Lean On, Hope Confidently = TRUST

🎶 Rock of Ages, cleft for me…. 🎶 We feel safe when we’re standing on rock, don’t we? When the ground beneath our feet doesn’t move and shift like sand under retreating waves? (Pssst, Faye? Can you say earthquake?) Isaiah wrote that we can put our trust in God who is the ETERNAL Rock. The […]

Peace, righteousness, security, and triumph over opposition might be your heritage

In that day… God spoke through the prophet Isaiah to Jerusalem. The nation of Judah. The two tribes plus a few that made up the Southern Kingdom. (The nation of Israel had split after King Solomon’s reign.) The word was that God would severely punish Israel and Judah for their adultery – their choosing to […]

Sing! Dance! Speak!

David wrote these words – probably sang them – at a time when he and his home were personally under attack. The king was out to get him, sending soldiers to his home to kill him. Not great. David had been anointed as king, yet here Saul was still king and trying to kill him. […]

Don’t be troubled. Don’t be afraid. You have peace.

What stress and turmoil are you feeling today? Was it a rough start to the day? Nothing worked right, and now you’re feeling like the whole day is shot? Have you just lost a loved one and you’re not sure how anything can be normal again? Are you wondering how on earth you’ll be able […]

Choosing friends poorly can hurt and destroy.

Wisdom says that if we are wise, we hang out with wise people. It also declares that being a companion and confidante of people who are self-confident, conceited, and dull-witted is foolish and will bring harm to us. But… those guys/gals are my friends! Why would I just ditch them? They’ve been with me forever, […]