Faye Bryant

Choose your reward!

This verse sounds like we’ll be forever protected from harm if we are seeking to do good; doesn’t it? This is why we don’t just read one verse and plow ahead firm in our convictions of what it says. When we read the verses surrounding these, we see Peter is writing about suffering for doing […]

Your Challenge from Jesus

Don’t you just love this sort of challenge from Jesus? When someone hurts or mistreats us, the last thing we want to do is to bless them or pray for them. No thank you! It is our nature to lash out and seek retribution for the pain inflicted by another. However, when we move into […]

Being tempted isn’t wrong

We face temptations every day, sometimes every moment. It might be food, porn, lying, gambling, gossip, or any number of things that God calls wrong that we are tempted to engage in. Humans don’t like to claim responsibility for things that make them look weak or shines a poor light on them. We think being […]

Teach ‘em right from the start

Parenting as Christians is difficult on good days. We want the best for our children, and we want to grow them up knowing Jesus, accepting Him as Savior, and living for Him. All parents want to see their children grow up and make excellent life decisions. We long to see them succeed in life. That’s […]

The Source of All Hope

What is hope and why is God the source of it?  As a verb, HOPE means to cherish or desire with anticipation or to expect with confidence. As a noun, HOPE means desire accompanied by expectation of fulfillment.  Sounds about right. But why say God is the source of it? I mean, I can hope […]

Saturday Sit Down with Faye

Pleasing People isn’t Wrong

Welcome to Pleasing People Isn’t Wrong In this new Saturday Sit Down with Faye we discuss critical toxic people-pleasing facts that will help you no longer be a people-pleaser. So if you want to serve others well without falling into the trap of people-pleasing and stop being manipulated, check out Saturday Sit Down with Faye […]

God was pleased to create chiggers and spiders, oh my!

We humans are pretty fickle creatures. We look at all creation and deem some of it very good, beautiful, and useful and others we call bad, ugly, and useless. For example, chiggers are those little red bugs that seem to love to use me as their larvae feeding site. I can spend 5 minutes with […]

I don’t think that means what you think it does

I must confess: way too many times I’ve contemplated the words of Ephesians 3:20-21 as to how they benefit me, how God will do things amazingly, exponentially beyond my imagination FOR ME. Now I see that’s not what it says at all. God works IN us and THROUGH us. He is able to accomplish exponentially […]

Don’t you know where God’s temple is?

Something major shifted when Jesus was crucified. Well, lots of things shifted, but the major one we’re talking about today is the temple. When God had Israel on the move in Exodus, He gave them a place to worship Him, the Tabernacle. Later He gave the settled Israel the Temple, built on the mount in […]

Let your weakness show

God’s grace works best in my weakness? But I don’t like feeling weak and out of control. It’s scary and embarrassing! Before we worry about the last part of 2 Corinthians 12:9, let’s examine the first part. God says His grace – His favor, lovingkindness, and mercy, is enough for you. It is sufficient against […]

Guard, protect, and guide your heart!

Guard your heart? What’s that mean? We’re not talking about the organ that pumps blood throughout your body. We’re talking about the deep thoughts, the seat of all action, the belief system. It is so easy to take in information – and we’re doing so at an alarming rate right now – and shift our […]

Shine, for Pete’s sake!

Light is a pretty cool thing, don’t you think? Darkness doesn’t snuff light out. It doesn’t overwhelm light. The light remains and continues to carve out a path in the darkness. Light penetrates darkness like a blade, slicing through the thickest as though it were a mist. Where light shines, darkness retreats. The light shines […]