Faye Bryant

Light it UP!

We are used to having our homes filled with blazing light, every corner visible. In ages past, a candle or oil lamp lit the place with many nooks and crannies left in semi-darkness – yet lit. In darkness, any light becomes bright. A city on a hill in a dark landscape becomes a beacon, lighting […]

Uncomfortable Love

John wrote these words to believers in Jesus, followers of The Way. His letter gave instruction and encouragement, and it is quite relevant to us today. Jesus said that the watching world would know His true followers by their love for one another (John 13:34-35). There are at least 59 times when that phrase “one […]

Are you paying attention???

Doesn’t this meerkat seem to be repeating what Paul said? Be ALERT! Pay ATTENTION!PRAY! Be PERSISTENT in prayer! This order comes just after Apostle Paul shares about spiritual armor, the kind no one sees, but believers experience. This armor protects the spirit and soul of the believer from every onslaught of the enemy against his […]

Don’t give up! Your harvest is coming.

Who else is tired of the seeming uphill battle to be the light on a hill and the salt of the earth? It’s rough going sometimes and becomes so easy to lose heart. We ask ourselves what difference we are making and find it reasonable to just lay it all down and collapse where we […]

Sin of omission?

There are some inviolable truths in the scriptures, those that are the same for every person. Then there are those things the Holy Spirit calls us to do – things to avoid, things to say, things to not say, places to go, places to not go. Reading the Book and seeing what God thinks about […]

Searching for God

Many of us are familiar with Jeremiah 29:11, where God told the people of Israel that He knew the plans He had for them, plans for good, not disaster – to give them a future and a hope. We like that. We like thinking God will do the same for us, and I’m sure He […]

Be interruptible!

How many of you felt like you were completed hacked last year? All your plans went completely haywire? For example, my husband retired last March. His last day was the last day of “normalcy” before COVID-19 took over. We had made plans. Big plans. One was that we would use some of his retirement savings […]

Be salty!

Why did Jesus use salt as a description for His followers? We understand the next reference, calling us light. Light shows the way, directs, guides, and helps others see what’s real. What’s up with SALT? Today we mostly see salt as a table condiment. In recent years, we’ve been relearning that salt has great healing […]

Do right, be persecuted. How to handle it.

God blesses those persecuted for doing right… I don’t know about you, but to me that says that those who do right WILL be persecuted. It’s a given. They were in Jesus’ day. They were in the early centuries of the Church. They are today. Today the persecution is diverse. In some parts of the […]

Wisdom > Knowledge

Who doesn’t need wisdom today, raise your hand. I’m looking and don’t see the first one. We are living in a time when all knowledge is right at our fingertips. In eons past, to access the knowledge we have available, one had to travel and seek permission to be able to read the ledgers, books, […]

Will they know you’re a follower of Jesus?

Jesus was pretty clear when He said what would cause the world to know His followers and it wasn’t…. …are you ready for this? It was NOT their moral lives.It was NOT their Bible reading.It didn’t include them witnessing.It wasn’t the way they dressed.It had nothing to do with the way they talked.It had nothing […]


We keep hearing that we are living in unprecdented times. I don’t think that’s true. I think that all throughout time there have been years, months, generations filled with deceit, sickness, death, unrest, imprisonment, and fear. What we are seeing is unprecedented in OUR lifetimes. WE have never experienced these things before. Except, those who […]