Living Forward with Focus

It’s time to create a life worth living
and a legacy worth leaving

Are you ready to walk into VICTORY?

Escape the LIES of the Enemy,


What's keeping you stuck in the same old cycle?


It’s time to step into God’s plan and live the abundant life He has for you.

Hear what the author of Unhackable and Elixir Project and your video guide for the course has to say about Faye Bryant.

You Can Escape the Captivity your Trauma Built

We will work together to ESCAPE your trauma, FIND your life’s purpose, and CREATE a legacy of Peace & Truth.

Isn’t it time you discovered how to build a life worth living and a legacy worth leaving?

I've Walked this Path...

As a Kid

with alcoholic parents, by being betrayed and believed a liar, molested, rejected, bullied, raped, and lied to. I knew my parents loved me in their way, but their way created broken me.

As a Grown Up

with an abusive spouse who betrayed our vows. Even parenting and good times included comparisons and put-downs. I walked the divorce, remarriage and blended family, cancer, and caregiver for parents paths, too.

At Work

with bosses and supervisors that micromanaged every detail of my work, denouncing it if it wasn’t perfect according to them, leaving me feeling untrustworthy, incapable, and useless.

Are You Ready for Someone to Help You?

Healing Process

Childhood is hard enough. Factor in parents who prefer their bar buddies to you, choose soaps over welcoming you from school, and it’s even harder. Add in being accused of something you didn’t do only to hear your parents believe the lie. You’re crushed.

Adolescence is difficult at best. Include bullying, molestation, rejection, and rape, and those teen years become a nightmare.

Marriage is challenging for any couple. Have an abusive narcissist at the helm, and it becomes destructive to emotional, mental, and even physical health.

Trauma comes in all sizes at all ages. If we don’t deal with it, we remain lost in the vicious cycle of lies.

Even worse is when distractions corrode and mock your dreams, goals, and desires, sending you back into the fear, anxiety, and depression trauma set up for you.

I can help you move past the challenges that have held you captive and kick all those distractions and lies to the curb to become HAPPY, HEALTHY and FOCUSED.

Do You Wonder What Living Forward with Focus is All About?

Your body is made up of systems

Your brain is like a computer

The 4 Phases to
Living Forward with Focus

The Problem

Multi-tasking defines us. It doesn’t matter if you are a homemaker, employee, or entrepreneur. We are pulled in a million directions, all the time.

Because of this, we are distracted, frustrated, overwhelmed, discouraged, and over-stressed. Been there, done that. You want to find balance and focus, and I can help. When your life loses perspective and direction you forget the dreams and desires you had for your life. You feel like you’re on a roller coaster going backwards and you can’t get off or make it stop.

The Solution

Once upon a time I looked at my crazy life and realized I wasn’t really happy – there were moments, but all the stress of so many unfinished things ate at my happiness.

Distractions had taken over every aspect until I didn’t know if I was coming or going! I knew there had to be a way to get my life back on track. I wanted to realize my dreams and see them become reality. A deep dive into neurobiology, productivity, high performance, success science, technology and many other disciplines brought a solution.


In my search, I discovered the Elixir Project Paradigm, built around the concepts of Flawless Idea Anatomy, Deliberate Magnetic Focus, and the Flow that is Optimal Human Performance. These are the building blocks of Living Forward with Focus.

Through this 30-day study, the majority of time is spent learning and applying these three steps. You will be astonished by the productivity and clarity you experience as you move beyond surviving and begin living your life again.

My Application

I get it. I thought it unbelievable, too. We don’t really believe humans are vulnerable to being hacked. I learned that the human mind is just as susceptible to being hacked as our computers are.

I was stuck in the urgency of my past and my current everyday life, yet I longed to break free and become the successful person I knew I could be. I discovered to accomplish my dreams, I would be to become fully focused. I continue to apply the same principles I will share with you – and I’ll never go back!

Do You Want a Preview of the Living Forward with Focus Coaching Program?

Living Forward with Focus is my unique process based on Kary Oberbrunner's Award Winning Books "Unhackable" & "Elixir Project"

Let's Take a Look at the Modules


Living with the effects of past trauma can become a cloud around you, stealing your clarity, focus and especially your joy. In this module, you visit your past but not rest there. You’ll examine your present and dream about your future. My process will help you identify the things throwing your life off-balance and keeping you stuck.














We think ideas change the world. Not true - perfect ideas change the world. Everyone inherently knows all ideas are not created equal, but only a small minority understand the specific components that make up FLAWLESS IDEA ANATOMY. Learn how to architect and integrate the perfect idea into your work and life.


Take charge by changing the rules of the game--embrace FLOW as a way of life. Up until now, you may have settled for working harder or smarter. What if you could achieve more by working less--like 500% more? FLOW is possible for everyone, at any time, in any place, pending the right conditions.















You want your message to be clear, and you need clarity when it comes to the product, message, the service that you want to share with your in-person and online audience. In order to grow online, this is one of the most important places to start.

Releasing the dream

The BOON CEREMONY is where you visualize your idea, prioritize your focus, and optimize your flow. It’s where your knowing, being, and doing converge into one. It’s where you experience being unhackable while living forward with FOCUS!!






Living Forward with Focus

You've got it!

All levels


You will be surrounded by like-minded people who are doing exactly what you are doing-excited to learn the process of gaining clarity, confidence and connection from their messages so they can grow their business.

Group Walk

5 MASTErclasses TRAININgs

Once a week we will do a training live and Faye will guide discussion. These will be recorded for anyone in the group who cannot make the live training time.


PRIVATE Coaching SessionS with Faye

We will meet for an hour each week for five weeks, taking a deep dive to not only learn the principles of Living Forward with Focus, but to also apply them. 

Choose Your Preference

Self-Guided Journey




Hand-in-Hand Journey


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