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When I was younger, I saw this “representation” as binding, even hindering if you will. I felt like I was missing out on something because I had to represent Jesus. I wasn’t very fond of this concept.

Now I understand more. As I have surrendered more of my life and will over to God’s care and control, I realize that by wearing the label “Christian,” I receive scrutiny. Others watch me. Some waiting to see me fall and fail, others just curious what I do and why I do it.

I used to be concerned with what those watchers would think about what I say and do. Now, I choose to be concerned with what God thinks about what I say and do. It’s been a long road, this transition from people-pleaser to God-pleaser.

Now, I know that when I do or say something, it really is as a representative of Jesus. I get to represent the God of all creation. The One who spoke light into existence and scattered the stars with a word. I get to represent the God who split both the Red Sea and the Jordan River so His could walk across on dry ground.

I represent the God Who sees, the God Who heals, the God Who provides.

I stand as an ambassador from the Kingdom of God, walking in full authority of the greatest power in the universe.

As a believer, you do, too.

Yes, I need to be cognizant of what I’m doing or saying, but if I focus on Jesus and listen to the Holy Spirit who lives in me, honoring Him comes easily.

It’s a choice, y’all. #ChooseWell.

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