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Strength & Courage

Be strong. Be courageous.

These words spoken to the children of Israel as they were headed toward the Promised Land resonate with us today.

Those folks had just left the slavery they knew to go into a land filled with other nations they didn’t know. God had said He would go before them, but what if He didn’t always? He had said the land was theirs, but really?

We do the same, don’t we? We hear God’s promises, then we look around at circumstances and wonder if He really will.

My go-to was to explain to you how much God loves you and how He would act on your behalf, then I would walk away not believing those words for myself, as though I wasn’t worthy or that God would run out before He got to me.

Crazy, huh?
Seems there’s a lot of people thinking the same.

When will we grasp that Almighty God -the One who simply said, “Let there be light,” and light was – is INFINITE?

He has no beginning. He has no end. He always has enough – grace, mercy, resources, love, everything.

That God is the One who told Israel to go ahead and enter the land, that He was with them and before them is the SAME God who tells us to walk on into our circumstances. He still promises to go before us and walk with us. He still declares that He will not abandon us.

This strength and courage isn’t something we’ll ever muster up from ourselves. It’s a resource we learn through consistent prayer and Bible study. It’s a tool we take hold of and use when we recognize Who is walking ahead of us, taking care of problems for us, and also walking with us, lifting us up when our feet can’t go any further.

Are you tired and overwhelmed in your situation? Have you sought the face of your Savior? Have you grabbed His hand and refused to let go?

Pray this scripture to Him. Declare the words as truth about Him and you. Walk in them even when they don’t feel true. Trust the One who made you.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.