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There are several definitions for HARMONY. All of them involve working many parts into one.

In music, to harmonize is to have one voice singing one part as others sing different parts. Each one singing different notes in the same moment, but the sound heard is one.

We who are followers of Jesus are called to live in harmony. I will be over here speaking truth and encouragement. You might be over there applying balms of mercy, while someone else is teaching.

We all have our own thoughts, and they may not agree with another, yet when we walk out our lives with eyes focused on the One True Leader, our notes become harmony.

See, Romans 15:5 isn’t about me confirming to a man’s ideas or edicts. It’s all about God and His work in me making me harmonious with my spiritual siblings.

When my notes become discordant, I need to stop and readjust my focus. If I take my eyes off Jesus, I deviate from being the woman He died for me to be.

There is much too much discordance in the Church today. To me it is based in human judgment, jealousy, and lust for power. No matter how high up on the manmade ladder of church leadership one is, he or she must remain focused on Christ over church doctrine. One must be willing to hear the other notes to remain in harmony and never expect others to sing notes given by man, only the notes given by God.

Are you singing YOUR note, my friend? C’mon! Join the harmony.

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