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Plan Ahead or Daily Bread?

? Tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow… ?

I used to enjoy traveling without plans. Setting off on our trek with no idea where we would eat or stop to spend the night was exhilarating and fun.

Then that one time we drove through central Delaware and long after dark were still searching for a place to lay our weary heads. We finally found one, but this one event shaped how I prefer to travel now.

Now I want to map out our trips and know I have a place to sleep and to shower before casting off the next day. I have replaced faith with my own provision in our travel plans.

Sadly, we do the same in our day to day. For example, I have recently looked at our pantry and realized there are items in there that should be tossed because they’ve outlived their shelf life. But when I acquired those, I NEEDED them.

If I NEEDED them,
why didn’t I USE them?

Jesus’ model prayer included these words asking God to provide the bread for the day. Just one day. Not a month, not even one more day.

The psalmist mentioned God’s Word being a light for the next step. Not the whole trip, just that step.

See a theme here?

God expects us to rely on Him alone. To trust Him for whatever we need for that moment, for that day.

We, on the other hand, like to wonder and worry about what is coming around the next turn, in the next week, with all the accompanying what-ifs.

I’m not saying God doesn’t like us making plans. His Word clearly shows we are to plan ahead. But within those plans, we are to have our hearts and minds set on Him, trusting for His provision in whatever form it takes.

It’s not the fact of my desire to know where my head will rest that night on the road, it’s my heart’s position of thinking I am the one choosing and providing for us.

It’s not my choice to buy two weeks’ worth of groceries that causes God to shake His head, it’s my heart’s position of authority over God’s provision.

Literally, I am placing myself
in the seat of authority.
I am seating myself
on God’s throne.

Time for me to make some corrections. For our next trip, I’m asking God where we should stay. I’ll ask Him to provide what He says we need, and I’ll make a reservation that can be cancelled if we are led to a different place.

On my next trip to the store, I’m asking God to write the list. I’m going to clear the pantry and use up what’s there.

I’m taking me out of the driver’s seat and hopping into the back where I can enjoy the ride without having to be in control. Like when I was a child, trusting that Mom and Dad knew the way.

And most of all, I’m going to revel in the amazing truth that the God of all creation is providing for me everything I need. Every. Thing. Just as I need it.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.