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No matter what happens…

When you are God’s chosen, you sit in this amazing place of knowing (whether you feel it or not) that God will love you forever and always.

Through Isaiah, God tells Israel,

“For the mountains may move and
the hills disappear, but even then
my faithful love for you will remain.
My covenant of blessing will never
be broken,” says the Lord, who has
mercy on you.”

Israel had forgotten God and were going their own way. The cost had been captivity and slavery. This chapter begins the telling of the power of God’s redemption of His people.

Looking deeper, were we reading along in the chapters before 54, we would have been introduced to the Suffering Servant (Jesus) and would thus understand that this chapter and several following are talking about HIS redemption of mankind and the results thereof.

So, while on the surface, this verse may not seem to apply to you, there are two reasons I believe it does.
1.) Paul wrote in Romans 11 to the Gentile believers declaring that God has grafted them into the Chosen People even as He will redraft those Jews who choose to believe in the Messiah Jesus.
2.) Isaiah is talking of the Savior who came to redeem the world. You’re part of the world.

So, my friend, no matter what happens, your choices or natural disasters, great blessings or horrible tragedies, God loves you with an unquenchable, irrepressible, unconditional love. Period.

He loves you enough to correct you and bring you back to Him. He loves you enough to provide your needs. He loves you enough to be available 24/7, to walk with you through fire, storm, and sunshine. And even if the mountains and hills are all flattened out, He will love you still.

Are you ready for that kind of love?