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Be pure, get blessings

We can see God?

I think this verse can be understood a couple different ways – and I think these two complement each other.

First, if our hearts are truly pure, cleansed by Jesus, kept in line by the Holy Spirit, we will have eternal life with God, seeing Him face to face, living forever in His presence.

Second, when believers keep their hearts pure through confession and repentance before God, we get to see His touch in our world.

The key component to both is that pure heart.

There’s no cleansing that thing outside the blood of Jesus Christ shed for us in Calvary.

No, I do not mean literal blood
spread on the organ inside our
body. I mean it figuratively –
when we accept the gift of God
through Jesus’ torture, death,
burial, resurrection, and ascension.

Do you remember when Jesus washed the apostles’ feet at their last Passover meal (the last supper)? Peter told Him He would NOT wash his feet like a common servant. Jesus said that if He didn’t wash Peter’s feet, he would not be clean. Pete exclaimed that He wanted all of himself washed then. The Lord said the feet were enough.

To me that’s saying our salvation, our full-on belief in Jesus and acceptance of His sacrifice for our sins, is washing the whole person, top to bottom, inside and out.

Then life happens and a stepping off His path causes dirty feet that need cleaning.

John wrote that if we confess (agree with God about the wrongness) those steppings off God’s path for us, wandering outside His will, sin, He will not only forgive us, but CLEANSE us from all unrighteousness.
He washes our feet.

And, what about this “blesses”? What does that mean? Let’s read the expanded text of the Amplified Bible:

Blessed –
enviably fortunate, and
spiritually prosperous
possessing the happiness produced by
the experience of God’s favor and
especially conditioned by the revelation
of His grace, regardless of their
outward conditions
are the pure in heart, for they shall see God!

Such amazing benefits for keeping ourselves pure – clean in the sight of God. The best of which is seeing God Himself, whether face to face or in the miracles He does here every day.

Let’s get clean today. If you’ve never believed in Jesus’ deity, that He is God, maybe today is the day. If you believe to your core that Jesus is God, that He walked this earth a sinless man, was tortured and crucified for your sins, buried and rose again to life, say so. Believe it in your heart and speak it with your mouth. He will wash you all over.

If you’ve stepped off God’s path for you, please recognize that He has not stopped loving you. You have moved away from Him, but He’s there, a faithful Father, waiting for you. Agree with Him that the things you’ve said or done were wrong, and stop doing and saying those things. He’ll wash those feet of yours and guide you along His path. You can trust Him.

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