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The cure for the disease we all have.

Sin. It’s a disease we’re all born with. There is no vaccine.
There is only one cure.

The thing about this sickness is, it feels pretty good. For the most part, we feel no symptoms. We don’t realize what it is costing us because we’ve never experienced life without it.

We’re coasting along through life just fine until some do-gooder tells us we’re actually diseased and that the disease is terminal. Not only is it terminal, as in, we’re going to die, it’s terminal because the death is unending.

At that point we have several choices:

  • We can ignore the words of this oh-so-helpful person and avoid them and their rhetoric forever.
  • We can get mad at the so-called do-gooder, despising the fact that they interrupted our happy life with this dread news.
  • We can worry about the sentence they’ve said is upon us.
  • We can ask for more information, including the cure.

See, by the time we learn about the disease we have, we’ve enjoyed God and some of His finest works. We’ve looked at skies so blue it hurts. We’ve seen rain and sunshine, snow and everything in between. We’ve held babies and loved seniors. We’ve experienced love and kindness, patience, and goodness from others.

What we’ve not known until this bearer of news informed us is that this disease of sin makes it impossible for us to have a relationship with God. We have only experienced Him through others.

We also learn that in Him is the only possible cure, a cure we desperately need, because our last breath here initiates our payment, a payment we don’t want to pay: forever death.

We come to find out that God knew about this disease all along and developed the cure long before we were born. His answer to defeating this horrid sickness was a sacrifice that would cover everyone eternally.

We’re informed that He came to earth as a baby human without the sin DNA. He lived life without ever sinning, then died an excruciating death at the hands of others. As He hung dying on that criminal’s cross, He was carrying every sin every human had done or would do. Jesus endured that utter separation from God the Father as He died so we wouldn’t have to go into eternity that way.

We come to understand that we need only apply that sacrifice to our lives in order to be saved from the eternal death sentence that is the final consequence of not seeking the cure for our sin disease.

Now, my friend, if you are just learning that you have this disease you’ve never received the cure for, it’s time to make a decision. It’s time for you to choose whether you want to accept the wages for your disease or the cure.

The wages are death forever. Your presence in a place of torment without anything of God and no impending rescue.

The cure brings you into a forever relationship with God and begins an abundant life you haven’t realized you were missing, and upon your last breath here moves you to where God lives.

Your choice. Best to make it now before that last breath happens.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.