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You, the House

Unless the Lord builds the house? Like, is God going to be nailing my studs into place? Will He be placing my roof trusses?

Wouldn’t that be nice? You would know that everything was just right, but no. That’s not what this means.

The house is you. The city is you. If we’re to live the lives God designed us for, we have to let God do the building and then the guarding.

Sometimes we get a glimpse of His purpose for us and we race off to read every book and listen to every podcast about that subject – getting ahead and astray of God. Standing out there alone, outside His protection. Then we get hit from all sides and wonder what happened. Not a good place to be!

Building a house takes time. You have to start with a good foundation, then take each step as it comes. I mean, you can’t put the roof on before the walls. It just doesn’t work.

Building a person of God takes time, too. And lots of work. While God could speak our change into existence, He chooses to move us there under our power. He leads. He urges. He directs. But it’s entirely up to us if we will heed His call to holiness.

We humans like to be doing. So when we choose to heed that call, we jump into all the doing we can. What we need to do is let God build that strong foundation, then start working on all the parts of our “house.” All we can do is willingly participate in the process.

As our walls are built and our roof added on, all the finishing and polishing is done, God will declare this house ready – and we will be. We’ll be ready to walk tall in the purpose for which He designed us, and in doing so, we’ll be protected by Almighty God Himself! Better than any sentry or alarm system!

Are you ready to be that finished house and protected city? Hand all the controls of your life over to your Creator and follow why He says. It really is that simple.

And don’t grab them back again. That’s the hard part.


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