You need the best Mediator to effect real reconciliation.

Why do we need a mediator? What needs to be reconciled between us and God?

When God created man, He walked with him, but ever since Adam and Eve chose the enemy’s path of rebellion against God, mankind has been separated from Him.

God loves mankind, though. So much so that He was not content to leave us in that place of separation without a way for those who would to return to Him.

Jesus became that One Way to our reconciliation with God. The promised messiah, Jesus became the sacrifice that would forever secure our right standing with Him.

See, there is nothing we can do to move ourselves into that right standing with God. Nothing. We can’t obey the commandments given to Moses. We just can’t. While we might obey them outwardly, what happens in our heart is more important. We are completely incapable in our humanness to be godly.

That wasn’t the case for Jesus. He lived as a sinless man. He is the only one able to stand between us and God to iron out the irrreparable damage sin causes to allow us back into God’s presence.

What do we do with this information?

We must recognize our need for reconciliation to God. We have to understand that we’re not all that and a bag of fries on our own. Isaiah proclaimed that our sins have cut us off from God, that because of our sins, He has turned away from us.

Upon that recognition, we must choose whether we want to be in a right relationship with God or not. If yes, we must go to the Mediator and accept the terms necessary for the reconciliation to occur.

The terms are simple: complete surrender.

Sounds awful, huh? Perhaps. We have to give up the god in our lives who has kept us from the real God: SELF.

This god manifests itself in many forms, including greed, jealousy, and anxiety—thinking that we’re the ones in control when we’re nowhere close. This god rules every aspect of our lives and keeps us from seeing our need for the Savior.

Today is the day to choose: Will you continue to follow self or will you choose to make your way to the One True and Living God: Adonai, Jehovah, YHWH, Elohim?

And Believer, you’re not off the hook in this. Our choices to follow self can continue, when we take off on our own, trusting us instead of relying on God, and we need to address that. Sin is sin, whether we’ve chosen salvation or not, and it separates us from God. We must go to our Mediator and agree that our choices were anti-God and turn from them to walk in His ways again. Surrender all over again.

Are you ready?

Coffee, Bible, Journal.

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Faye Bryant

Faye Bryant is an author, coach, and speaker who helps individuals escape the lies of the enemy, live into God’s truth, and build a better life by first feeling, dealing, and healing their way through a stuck future or an abused past, toward a deeper path of purpose, and into the unhackable life of their chosen legacy. Hers is a story of resurrection: from death to life!