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Who is sovereign in your life?

What does sovereign mean? Why do we call Him “Sovereign Lord”? I’m a word person, I want to understand these things!

Merriam-Webster defines sovereign thusly:

• superlative in quality
• of the most exalted kind
• supreme
• having undisputed ascendency
• paramount
• possessed of supreme power
• unlimited in extent
• absolute
• enjoying autonomy
• independent

If we replace “sovereign” with any or all of these we begin to see the picture of God as He is.

Then we realize there really is no one like Him and certainly no one or nothing above Him.

And then we can rejoice as David did in this verse. We can revisit all the amazing things God has done for us and relish the facts He speaks over us that He has yet to do.

Let’s recognize the superlative in quality, most exalted, paramount, supreme God who has no equal. Let’s celebrate that the unlimited, utterly independent, absolutely autonomous and holy God loves us and speaks life over us.

Let’s rejoice in His grace and mercy that He really doesn’t have to give.

Let’s share the truth of His sovereignty and how He loves us.

Let’s keep Him on the throne of our lives as He is on the throne of heaven, removing ourselves from the position of ruler. The position we are absolutely unqualified for.

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