You are currently viewing Want to hear God say, “You are my beloved who pleases me”?

Want to hear God say, “You are my beloved who pleases me”?

Can you imagine how Jesus felt hearing the Father speak these words aloud so others heard?

Too often we know what our loved one thinks of us, but to hear it declared about you where not only you hear, but others do, too? Priceless.

As I read this, I think of the words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” and I think, I want to hear these words now: She is my beloved who pleases me. WOW!

To think that God has placed His Spirit in us to proclaim His justice to the nations is kinda overwhelming, but very exciting.

This is not a burden, y’all. It’s a gift of immense value. As we grow closer to Christ, looking more like Him, we’ll hear His brag of us even as we walk in more strength and effectiveness. Day by day, learning Him, obeying Him, transforming into a person of His likeness, we’ll proclaim His Truth, His justice, and His plan – just by living.

Ready to scoot closer to Him? I am. Let’s go!

Coffee, Bible, Journal.