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Wait PATIENTLY for the Lord?

Isn’t it funny that in these few words we’re told to wait patiently for the Lord TWICE?

When God repeats something, it’s for emphasis and here, within 15 words, He repeats the same phrase. It must be important to Him. It should be important to us.

We in the “first world” have become so IMpatient! I’m raising my hand here, because I’m chief among the impatient ones. We are upset if our coffee takes more than three minutes to brew and heaven help if the car in front of us doesn’t move as soon as the light turns green!

We want what we want and we want it ten minutes ago! Especially from the Lord.

We forget our place.
We don’t consider that He is God and we are the created ones.

We exist through Him and FOR Him. Not the other way around.

No matter what you’re waiting on Him for, be it the birth of children or the restoration of wandering children, He is telling you to be patient in your waiting for Him. He’s got this. Trust that and relax.

See, when we’re impatient, we get stressed. We do and say things that are not worthy of us or honoring to Him. When we determine that we will be patient in our wait, our stress level lowers and we become kinder and we honor the Savior.

Is your waiting for that perfect job so you can get away from the horrible one? He’s telling you to wait patiently.

Need clients for your business to take off? Patiently wait.

In all your waiting, do your due diligence. Keep at the things He’s had you doing. Don’t force the next thing, though. Remember Sarai? Yeah, not a good move.

Whatever your waiting is today, make a choice to sit in it patiently. Trust that your Heavenly Father knows exactly what you need and has a plan specifically for you. Good plans! Plans for your good and His glory!


Coffee, Bible, Journal.