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Scarcity or Generosity. You choose.

When we live from a scarcity mindset, there’s never enough. There’s not enough business to go around, there’s not enough food to go around, there aren’t enough commodities to go around, there aren’t enough chairs for everyone, there’s not enough.

When we live from a generosity mindset, there is plenty of business, allow me to send some your way. There’s plenty of food, have some of mine. There’s plenty of these commodities, I have extra, I can share. There are plenty of chairs, I can stand.

Wisdom says some who give freely get more in return while some who hold back, especially when they shouldn’t, lose more than ever.

It’s hard to know which thing to do. Do we give our last penny or do we save it? Do we allow everyone and anyone to have a place at our table or are we to be careful who we let in?

There are times when we are to give up that last dime or that client or that meal, and there are times when we are to hold fast and work to keep them. God teaches throughout His word the need for us to measure. We’re to be wise in our dealings with others. We’re to protect our family and the things God has given us to steward. We’re also to be as generous as He is. He gave His all for us.

We’re to count the cost AND give generously.
The only way to do this is to spend time with the Father to understand His ways. We simply must allow His Spirit to work in us to develop us into the people God died for us to be. That is how our hearts become generous. That is how we are able to count the cost correctly and give from the whole of what God has provided us, without expectation or desire of anything in return.

Now, don’t fall in the trap of looking at what others give. That’s not our concern, even if what they might have given was to help us. It’s not our issue. That belongs to that person and when you take that on, you’re taking on a whole different problem.

And don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if you give generously you’ll become rich. That’s not what is said. SOME who gave received much in return. Much what? Accolades? Riches? Friendships? Respect? What? We must never look at a scripture like this as a means to get rich or powerful. That’s ME thinking, not GOD thinking and that doesn’t honor God. We must have our hearts right!

Take a look at your mindset today. Scarcity or generosity? What will you do with the amazing provision God has given you?

Coffee, Bible, Journal.

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Faye Bryant

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