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Prove by the way you live

“Prove by the way you live that you have repented of your sins and turned to God.” Jesus admonished the religious of His day.

We love to hear how God is merciful, offering us grace when we least deserve it, loving us in our messes, and while that is true, it is not complete.

Too often
we forget
to mention

Salvation requires we agree with God about our heart condition (confess) and turn from our wicked ways (repent) and live for Him.

‘But that’s hard stuff to admit that we’re living lives that are utterly anti-God. Then you want me to do a complete about-face and live differently? Let’s go back to the grace and love part. I like that part.’

Wouldn’t that be great? To accept the grace and love and not have to make any other changes?

Trouble is, if we make no changes, we’re still living anti-God lives and we’re still choosing wickedness over holiness. We’re choosing us over God.

When we choose to repent and turn toward God, choosing Him above all else, we can be identified as His. People will notice a difference when we start living lives surrendered to God.

What do you say, Believer? Is your faith hidden in remaining culturally relevant or is it noticeable by the way you live that you’ve left behind the things that are displeasing to God and you are now choosing Him and His ways above all else?

Today’s a great day to make the choice and start living for Him.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.