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Fully healed

When I first read these words this morning, I cried. See, I’m less than three weeks post-op for a pretty serious abdominal surgery. During that surgery I lost enough blood that it left me on the precipice of anemia, feeling weak and cold and fuzzy-brained. I know healing is happening, I’m just in a hurry.

These words from Jeremiah reminded me that if I will just wait for the Lord’s healing of my body, I will be truly healed. Not barely, not healed with caveats, just HEALED.

This reminded me that God doesn’t do anything halfway – nor any other fraction. He is a God of completion. He gives us wholeness. He doesn’t say, “Come this far, I’ll finish the rest.” He says, “Come to me. I will give you rest.” And just like the prodigal’s father, He is watching, and when He sees our turn toward Him, He is on the run to greet us and lavish us with love we never imagined possible. Healed heart. Healed mind. Healed relationships.

Truly saved. Saved completely. To the uttermost. Never again unsaved.

Our God never changes. He is always the same. he promises that we who are His are held in His hand, never to be snatched away by anyone – not even us. While we might choose to stray, God doesn’t lose sight of us and He doesn’t throw up His hands and forget us. He’s the good shepherd, leaving the ninety-nine to chase down the one.

Just as the healing He gives is pure and complete, His salvation is the same.

If you know Him today, if He is Lord over you, rest in this truth that His healing for you is real and complete. As is His salvation.

If you don’t know Him as Lord of your life, let’s talk and make a real change today.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.


What a promise!