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Just walking distance from my house is a huge cavern. It’s an attraction that draws thousands of people every year. One of the most stunning and frightening parts of the tour is the Big Room.

In that room, guests must sit on the bench at the back wall. The guide describes how tall some of the stalagmites seen are – taller than the Empire State Building! The depth perception in that room is crazy because of the darkness. Unless you shine a light into it, you have no idea.

As guests sit on the bench, the guide gives warning that the lights will be turned out and that is is imperative they remain seated.

When those lights go out, the blackness is so deep you can feel it. Your eyes are open, but you can’t see anything, even if you hold your hand to your face.

Thankfully, the lights are only off for about 30 seconds or so, because even in that short time, the darkness becomes very frightening. Before the room lights are turned back on, the guide uses a powerful flashlight to point out certain stalagmites and stalactites.

Let me just say, you not only see the thing being lit up, you see a beam of light from the guide to the targeted place that looks strong enough to walk on.

I believe John knew not only physical darkness like in the Big Room, but spiritual and emotional darkness, too.

Sometimes that darkness is so thick you can’t breathe. It becomes oppressive, stealing your sanity and wellbeing. Sometimes it takes your life – whether physically or mentally.

The amazing thing is, one match, one candle, one lamp, one flashlight, one floodlight can make a difference. Even the smallest flame changes the darkness.

And no matter how small the flame, the darkness can’t make the light go away.

It’s the same in the spiritual and emotional realm. One spark, one candle can light up the darkness holding you captive. Scripture tells us that Jesus is the Light of the World.

Well, yeah, Faye, but where’s the switch to turn His Light on in my darkness?

Oh, believer! Your faith is the switch! Speak aloud to your darkness and declare simply, “I believe in Jesus Christ, the Light of the World.”

That doesn’t mean your darkness will be immediately erased or that a huge beam of light will shine down on you, but if you look hard, you’ll see a tiny light. Make your declaration again and again and see the light grow stronger.

Disclaimer: There are many who struggle with mental illness that the change of thinking won’t help entirely. They must also receive help from trusted physicians, psychologists and psychiatrists. And that’s okay.

Even if you’re one who is taking medication to even out your mental issues, this declaration and bringing Jesus to the forefront of your thoughts will be helpful. And folks, the darkness will never blow out or snuff out THAT flame. Light your lamps today. Keep them burning. Make darkness keep its distance and allow the Light to invite others in.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.