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In that coming day…

As I read Isaiah 54:17 again, loving the “no weapon” part, the first five words struck me. I think they are really important.

“But in that coming day…”

Throughout what we know as Chapter 54, Isaiah was speaking of Christ’s millennial reign on the Earth. It’s a triumphant time when the enemy has been chained up and locked away. I believe this reign is “that coming day.” The day when Jesus is back on Earth, ruling as utter Sovereign.

Oh. My goodness. That puts a whole different light on this verse! I always thought I could claim that now, that no matter what anyone brought against me, whether words or physical attack, I didn’t have to worry, because the sword would not harm me and the words would not affect me.

Honestly, I really felt like a failure because words DO affect me. Even believing that they don’t didn’t help. Now I realize it’s not because I’ve failed, it’s because we’re not in ‘that coming day’ yet.

What a day to look forward to! Not just because no weapon lifted against us will work or that the words spoken against us will be refuted and defeated. No. That’s just the gravy. The meat of the matter, the real delight, will be that Jesus, Almighty God, will be visibly present on Earth again! Can you picture it?

What a glorious day ‘that coming day’ will be! And we’ll have a thousand years to enjoy it! That’s 365,250 “that” days! After that, eternity.

The thought of ‘no weapon’ and ‘no words’ is pretty cool, but the realization of ‘that day’ is hope and strength and power and joy and peace. It’s something to look to with keen expectation.

I can’t wait! You?

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