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Humble Like A Child

What does it mean to become humble like a child?

Children are filled with wonder at everything. Their eyes widen with every new discovery. They sense the immensity of all that is before them. They ask “why” a lot, but it’s not the demand of “Who do you think you are?!” Instead, it’s the exploration of this new discovery before them. They are learning how to discern.

Jesus told those following after Him that they had to become like this, like children, in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

He declares that we have to lay our adultness aside. We have to drop all our ‘expertise,’ every experience, every bit of knowledge, in order to see the truth of Who He is.

Once we have a clearer picture of who Jesus is, our eyes widen in wonder and our jaws drop open. When we realize what He did for us, we long to know more. We ask “Why?” with the wonder of a child asking why the sky is blue. We clamor for His attention, wanting to spend increasing amounts of time with Him.

This is the heartset that moves us from people following a fantastic rabbi into people entering the Kingdom of God.

Sadly, many of us have lost the wonder, weighed down under bills and family and jobs and the things of life that can overwhelm.

Maybe today we can make a shift. Maybe we can take a look at the God who spoke everything into existence and spend time there in wonder of all that means – back then and now, too.

Maybe today we can look at the world He created around us with fresh eyes and revel in the truth that the same God who created those beautiful spring flowers and singing birds designed and created us, too. Let’s be in awe of that! Let’s humbly ask ‘why’ in order to learn why we exist according to His plan.

Maybe today we can direct our minds to the dreams we had as little ones. Maybe we can flesh out what God’s plans for us are so we can get on those.

Maybe today we can realize God is God and we are not, which truly relieves us from tons of weight.

Humble. Like a child.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.