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Do Right. Walk Humbly.

This verse from Zephaniah comes after his rebuke of the nation of Israel. He urges the people to repent (turn) from their wickedness and make the necessary changes to atone for their anti-God choices.

His appeal is for those who are humble enough to accept his rebuke.

See, we humans are a predictable lot. We can be so flexible, so enjoyable, but when someone mentions we might be wrong in some way, we become hard as brick, completely unyielding. God calls us “stiff-necked.”

So, when God sent word through Zephaniah that Israel was in the wrong, He knew most of them would bow up in pride and self-service against His words.

He also knew there were some who would not.

They would be thinking, considering, wondering how they could change their path, rectify their ways, and tame their choices to move back into fellowship with their Creator.

Those are who Zephaniah told to seek the Lord and follow His commands. He reminded them to always seek to do what is right and to live humbly – not self-seeking.

This is a matter of life and death.

Not here and now, like He’s going to smash you like a bug. It’s worse than that. It’s forever. It’s eternal. It’s never-ending.

  • If we step into eternity still separated from God because of our refusal to turn from our sin, we will remain separated from Him forever.
  • There will be no partying.
  • There will be no fun, no kindness, no love, no relief from pain or noise or dismay.
  • There will never, ever be anything of God again.

A much better choice is to seek God and follow His commands. They were all set down for our good anyway. Living by the plan of humility and right choices is a much better way, much more beneficial.

Today, if there are things in your life that keep you separated from God, recognize those for what they are: sin. Tell God you know they are sin. Make the choice to turn from that sin and take the hand of Your Heavenly Father to walk away from it. Don’t look back. That sin isn’t your friend. It wants to keep you captive in horror for eternity.

Today, let’s choose to do right and walk humbly, knowing we are not God as we seek Him who is.

He’s waiting for you.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.