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Choose your ruler

We have lots of choices to make each day. Advertisers alone provide over 10,000. Any wonder why our minds are tired?

This choice is one we must make and it’s of supreme importance. Our very sanity depends on it. Every day. All day.

One brings death,
the other life and peace.

Well, that seems easy enough. I want life and peace. Who wouldn’t; right?

Except so many times we make the decision to allow the Spirit to control us in the morning as we’re reading our Bible and writing in our journal, then get on our way to work or school and *that* person pulls out and drives 25 mph in a 45 mph zone… for miles! Which one rules your mind then?

Oh sure, everyone does it, but you? As a believer you’re called to something higher, something more.

See, this isn’t a daily decision. It’s a moment-by-moment decision.

Whatever comes at us, we get to choose to respond or react. We get to choose who controls our mind and then our response comes from that.

As you walk through today and aggravations pop up, choose life and peace by allowing the Spirit to control your mind.

As unexpected repairs appear, choose life and peace by not letting your own sinful nature handle them.

When dire circumstances overwhelm, allow the Spirit to control your mind, bringing life and peace to the situation.

When the day is mundane and average, when life is cool, no bumps, be sure to choose life and peace. Choose the Spirit of God to be the Controller of your mind.


Coffee, Bible, Journal.