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Broad or Narrow, you choose.

This is hard truth to swallow, the thought that the majority of people choose the broad, easy path to hell instead of finding the narrow, difficult path to life – heaven.

Some find it appalling that God would have this sort of thing in place. I mean, doesn’t He love everyone? Why would He make heaven so exclusive?

Throughout the Book, especially the Old Testament, we see God teaching about His holiness, His perfection, His sovereignty. He saw EVERY sin as an affront to His holiness. It was – and is – abhorrent to Him.

I think we’ve followed the example of the Israelites in that we focus more on ourselves – humans – than we do God as God. We no longer see His perfection. We refuse to recognize His sovereign rule over everything and everyone. Thus, we trample on His name and sully His reputation as though it doesn’t matter.

Thing is, it matters immensely to Almighty God.

We can choose to follow our own easy way, joining the crowd taking the trip. It’s so simple. It’s even sort of fun. The end of that journey, though is the most horrid thing you could ever imagine, and then some.

That narrow and difficult way is certainly harder. Not only is the journey more difficult, those on this path bear the ridicule of the travelers on the broad path.

The end of this difficult journey is relief and peace and rest that never ends. Joy unspeakable. And that’s just the beginning.

We get to choose our path. Have you chosen?

And believers on the narrow path? Do you see where it says only a few ever find it? That’s where we come in. We need to be constantly inviting people to join us in this path to life, showing them how to get on it and stay on it.

What’s your choice today? It matters forever.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.