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Why God Forgives

How many times have we seen someone (or have been that someone) who is sorry for their ‘crime’ but it’s evident they only care because they were caught?

Tears are shed, mourning commences, but it’s questionable whether the person grasps the enormity of what they have done.

King David, inspired by God, wrote these words after he made the choices that led to a man’s death and the death of his own child. He was a broken man. He understood the tragedy that one lingering look over the parapet wrought.

David cried out for relief understanding that the only reason God would give him relief was because God is love. God has vast, unending stores of love for each of us. Even you.

Whatever the bad choices
you’ve made,
no matter how long
you’ve hidden them,
God loves you.

He’s waiting for you to turn to Him and admit that you did what you both know you did.

He longs for you to open the door to allow Him to prove to you His great unfailing love and compassion.

He’s willing to blot out the stain of your sins, making the presence of them not only unnoticeable, but as if they never were.

Your Creator wants to wash you clean of the guilt of this burden you’ve been carrying. You may not even realize you’re carrying a burden, you’ve gotten so used to it. Imagine how light and free you’ll feel when it’s washed away and you can stand before Him clean and new and pure!

Let’s take a look at ourselves today. Is there ANYthing we’ve done or said or dwelled on that isn’t pleasing to God? Let’s follow the process He offers:

  • Confess (agree we’re wrong)
  • Repent (turn away from it)
  • Live (enjoy freedom)

This is the free and abundant life God offers you. Will you jump in today?

Coffee, Bible, Journal.