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Whose sheep are you?

Sometimes a shepherd drives the flock, pushing them toward the place he wants them to be, but usually, he or she calls to them and leads them, walking in front. The sheep come and follow because they know that shepherd loves them and will take excellent care of them. They understand that shepherd will fight for them as well as provide food and water for them.

Jesus said these words to a group of people who questioned Him about His being the expected Messiah. He told them He had already answered the question, they just hadn’t heard because they weren’t His sheep and didn’t know His voice.

That sort of begs the question, whose sheep were they? They appeared to be followers of God, yet they doubted and questioned Him. While it is good for believers to be careful about what they believe, this had to be something more for the Savior to say these were not His sheep. Was it the tone of their voices? Was it the position of their heart? Was there arrogance that said they knew He could not possibly be the Messiah?

It’s a lesson for us to learn to examine our hearts. Many of us who have been believers for a while can get into the rut of thinking we know how God thinks and how He will act in any given situation. We think we have cornered the market on His plans and His ways. We look down our noses and snarl at one who is stepping out in faith that looks different from our own.

Whose sheep are we?

Am I listening to the voice of the Savior, calling me to be different, to step out, to walk in the field where the lost sheep are, to go near the water to help rescue other sheep? Or am I listening to the voice that tells me I’m good right where I’m at and if someone wants to know about the Good Shepherd, they can come to me and ask? Do I sit high and mighty, shaming the way they’re living for God’s kingdom as wrong because it doesn’t fit my ideal?

It is important that we do these checkups regularly. We never want our faith to become stagnant or a rote act. We want a faith that is alive and active and drawing people to the Shepherd. We want to hear His voice and do what He says. Every time.

Whose sheep are you?

Coffee, Bible, Journal.

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Faye Bryant

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