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Wash each other’s feet?

We who are followers of Jesus ought to wash one another’s feet? Eww!


In the culture and time when Jesus walked the earth, washing the feet was a most base service done by the lowliest servants. People’s feet got pretty dirty as they walked everywhere. Can you imagine the tough dry skin that felt like sandpaper to touch?

It wasn’t the job of the host to get down on bended knee to wash his guests’ feet, even though it was his duty to see it was offered. Cool water washing hot feet could start relaxation, making that visit more enjoyable for all.

When Jesus took the water and the towel around to each of His followers, He took on the role of the servant assigned this low task. He bent Himself to touch the icky, the hot, the smelly, the part of them no one wanted to touch.

He said they were to do
that for each other.

Our culture is different, but Jesus’ command remains. We are to wash one another’s feet.

Thing is, we’re not trucking around on foot everywhere in desert climes wearing sandals. This foot washing seems out of place.

Might I suggest this command has very little to do with what we stand on and much to do with Who we stand for?

I think Jesus was telling His followers that they were each one to look around at their spiritual siblings and care for them from the biggest need to the most base. They were to observe the other followers and determine if they needed care.

When they assessed the care needed, they were to provide it, no matter how gross they thought the task, even if it meant bunching up their britches and kneeling to tenderly lift a foot to gently restore it to cleanliness.

As we walk through our life, we see other believers who follow Jesus. We might notice that they aren’t doing well, maybe their basic needs aren’t being met. Maybe there are things we see that need doing but they don’t fit our lofty view of ourselves.

I believe it is that very need that we are supposed to address. We are not to be too proud or too aloof to bend, kneel, pour water, rub, and wipe.

When we become observant enough to see the need and humble enough selflessly meet it, we have begun to serve as our Teacher and Lord, and that is when we have shown Him we love Him.

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