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Use your freedom well

God is so faithful! We come to Him with nothing but our faith and brokenness and He wraps us up in His infinite love and grace. He gives us forgiveness we couldn’t buy and breaks the chains of the slavery we’ve been bound up in.

Ahh, freedom! I can do what I want when I want and how I want. It’s all about me, now!

Umm. Actually, no.
It’s not all about you. That freedom you’ve been granted – regardless of the particular sin-slavery that held you captive – is all about Jesus. All about His glory.

Trouble is, we get so mixed up and caught up in not feeling the oppression of that old life that we lose sight of what is real and what our new life is about.

Sometimes, once those shackles are dropped from us, we run headlong into another form of slavery – choosing another sin to embrace instead of the One who broke those chains.

We need to realize from the outset that once we drop those old chains, we can choose instead to be servants of God. Instead of overwhelming oppression, we find light burdens and joy in every journey.

What are you using your freedom for? Are you serving God with your free choice or are you serving yourself and sin?

Time to make a decision. Are you ready?


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