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The one thing

Wouldn’t it be great to live at the church? To relax in the sanctuary and eat from the kitchen?


that’s not what this verse is saying.

See, even though Israel had the Tabernacle when David penned these words, they didn’t have churches like we know. Even with the Tabernacle, only the select priests could enter God’s presence.

No, David understood the “house of the Lord” to be wherever God is. And the “perfections” to be whatever He does.


The one thing I ask of the Lord —
the thing I seek most— is to live
in the PRESENCE of the Lord
all the days of my life, delighting
in the Lord’s PURPOSE.


Can we legitimately DO that? Even today? We’re so busy!

The answer is: absolutely! And when we choose to do this, our lives will become vastly different. The things we cared about before will be changed – we’ll either drop some activities or enhance them.

When we know our purpose, the one God uniquely created us for, it becomes much easier to say no to the things that are outside that purpose, which is a great thing for us.

It’s also a great thing for whoever is asking us to do that thing we’ve turned down, because they can now get the person whose purpose aligns with that task/project/event on board to do a much better job with it than we could by filling in.

How wonderful to be in God’s presence! To sense that He is near, guiding us, loving us, loving through us!
How amazing to work as His hands and feet in the purpose He set for us!

Thing is, we’re already always in God’s presence, because He is everywhere, including in those of us who believe in Jesus and have accepted His sacrifice for our sin.

We just don’t recognize it.
We don’t act like it.

Maybe it’s time today to start thinking, “Hey! God is right here with me. That is so cool!” and live as though we believe it — not in the sense that He’s some massive hall monitor ready to thump us if we get out of line, but a loving Father who is protecting us, giving us wise advice, guiding our steps, and teaching us.

Let’s try this today. Let’s intentionally recognize that we’re in God’s presence and bask in that reality. Let’s look for His purpose for us. Let’s do these things so we can begin to live this life that David called the best life.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.