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Temporary vs Eternal Treasure

When I was a teen, I thought this verse so harsh. I mean, I had my whole life in front of me and I wasn’t supposed to collect any earthly treasures?

As an adult with some earthly treasures to steward, I realize that Jesus was once again talking about our heart position. What is our heart and mind focused on?

We have a nice car and a snug home. I’m looking at antique bowls from which my dad and I used to eat ice cream. I have my mother’s jewelry tucked into a safe.

Thing is, my mind isn’t focused on those things. I mean, we take care of the car and the house and it would hurt if something happened to either one, but it would be a here-and-now grief. It wouldn’t be as horrible as realizing that friend or family member I was supposed to talk to about the Lord didn’t make it to Heaven.

What this does tell me is that I have to be mindful of the minutes of my life. I must make the most of every opportunity to serve and love so that others will see something different in me and ask what that is.

It means sacrifice – willingly giving up my time and energy to be who God designed me to be in order to reach those He wants me to reach.

Like when a freshly woken granddaughter comes to the place of Bible study and prayer and snuggles into the chair with you. It’s crowded and difficult to put together a picture for the devotion, but it is so delicious a moment! When she asks what you’re doing, you talk about the verse and what it says. Intentionally.

Unlike the house, car, bowls, and jewelry, those souls are eternal and cannot be destroyed, not even by the fierce enemy of them.

Where’s your focus?

Coffee, Bible, Journal.