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Take control of your worry & fear!

Jesus said, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.”

Fear and worry start in the mind and are revealed in the body. If we let them, they take root and grow in us, leading to headaches, heart attacks, debilitating anxiety, aches and pains with no seeming origin.

When we dwell on the what-ifs, we take our eyes and mind off the One we should be focused on.

We can’t control those what-ifs
by worrying about them.
What we can control is what we think about.

How small would the looming appear if we focused on trusting God instead? Trust is a hard word. We’ve all been hurt which makes us skeptical about trusting anyone, including God.

We have to make a choice though. If we choose to keep the what-ifs and the what-may-comes, our minds will suffer and so will our physical bodies.

I’m not saying that we won’t have the initial thoughts. Those are the temptations to worry and fret and take our trust from God.

That’s the opportunity to say “No! I’m not going there! I choose to trust the Lord.”

See, we can choose what to think about. We really can. No one is a born worrier. That thinking keeps us deeply meshed in our sin. That constant state of turmoil of “born worriers” is simply practiced poor choices.

What do you say? Start with today. When the fearful thoughts appear, let’s dropkick them to the curb with a firm “NO!” and back that up with a prayer that reaffirms our trust in God.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.