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Stop striving. Just stop.

What are you struggling with? What’s that goal you keep striving for but never reaching?

What is that thing you long for so much that it occupies your every thought and often determines your actions?

What is it that you haven’t attained and that fact clouds your thinking and mars your moods?

It’s time to stop.
Just stop.
Stop striving.
Stop struggling.
Stop letting that chase change who you are and destroy your relationships.
Just stop.

It’s high time we who follow Christ examine our goals, our dreams, our hopes through the lens of God’s plan for us. Some of the dreams we’re after aren’t His will for us. Some that are His will for us we haven’t even considered yet.

We MUST align our will, our dreams and desires, with His. When we refuse to do that, we make ourselves god in His place. Don’t do it!!!

When we have our alignment right, we should work toward that goal or dream, but the incessant striving, the drive that brings out the snappish responses, the pushes that keep us from being with family, the strain that takes a toll on our health, should not continue.

God says STOP.
Cease striving, says the One Who Made Us.

Then that next part? Know that He is God? That’s keeping our focus.

Ancient of Days.
Jehovah-Rapha (the God who heals)
Jehovah-Jireh (the God who provides)

Many names that reveal attributes.

Yet He called Himself “I AM that I AM.”

Do you see that? He didn’t describe Himself as the God who DOES. He described His BEING.

If we’re to be like Christ, we have to become more identified with our being than our doing.

It will be hard at first. When we introduce ourselves, we usually say our name and what we do for a living. What if we introduced ourselves with our name and a declaration of our being – who we are?

“Hi, I’m Faye Bryant, I am an encourager.”

“Hi, I’m John Doe, I am a great friend.”

“Hello, I’m Marcy Smith. I am a dreamer.”

In complete transparency, those
three statements took longer to
compose than the rest of these
words. It requires a total mind
shift to move from DO to BE,
and I have a ways to go.

Today, let’s start that shift away from striving in our doing and focus on who God is and who we are in Him.

Who ARE you?
What is your “I am” statement?

Coffee, Bible, Journal.