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Run for Safety

The words of Proverbs 18:10 are very dear to me. They were the words I repeated throughout the night of September 24, 2013.

That was the day my husband had a near-fatal brain aneurysm. The technical name for it is subarachnoid hemorrhage. All I knew was my beloved, no matter what stimulus was used, did not, could not respond.

To see him so lifeless there in the emergency room was terrifying. To see his blood pressure at 240+ over 100+ was as well.

Once he was stable (though critical) and I was ensconced in a chair in the waiting room, I prayed. I dozed for moments at a time. I had repeated this verse so much that when I closed my eyes, I saw myself picking my beloved up and carrying him in my arms to that Strong Tower. I wanted him SAFE!

God honored my faith and my plea to save Jack. He defied all the norms that expected him to be in ICU for two weeks and on the neurological floor for two weeks. Instead, God healed him, sent him home from the hospital on Day 9 and he was back to work in 5 weeks.

Friends, my faith is no bigger than yours. It is sometimes very weak and small. But our God promises that we don’t have to have faith the size of the earth, it can be as tiny as a mustard seed and be just as powerful.

Are you struggling because you don’t feel safe? Do you need to escape an abusive situation but you have no idea what would happen if you leave or where you would go? Trust God and take action. My friend April Tribe Giauque has shared her experience and how to get help. She is a stellar resource for you to get help.

Whatever keeps you from feeling safe, pull up your britches and RUN for that Strong Tower. He’s waiting. Go ahead. Feel the strength as He holds you close. Feel rest flood your body. Wonder at how it happens.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.