Coffee, Bible, Journal: Musings from the Comfy Chair with a View


The devotional you’ve always wanted. Filled with approachable, down-to-earth explanations of scripture coupled with a daily challenge to help you grow closer to God. Each of the 40 days includes a beautiful photo to enhance the thoughts surrounding the scripture.

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I stumbled across the Comfy Chair with a View on Facebook. As I read these devotionals, my heart would respond with joy, hope, and peace. I began looking forward to them, excited at what God had prepared for me through Faye in her comfy chair. The Biblical depth and daily applications left me feeling inspired and hungry for more. Faye’s way of asking hard, real-life questions is so refreshing and makes me want to rush forward in my reading to embrace the clarity and truth that are on the way.

At the same time I’ve realized I need to go back through the devotionals and digest them in my own private time with Jesus. I found it hard to get back online and find the specific devotional. That’s when a solution came to mind. Why not ask the author to create an e-book I could purchase so that I could easily find and meditate on the devotional that had spoken so deeply to my heart?

Thankfully, I had met Faye last year and we have shared some beautiful times of prayer together, so I messaged her like any bossy friend would and asked when she was publishing her devotional e-book. After prayerfully considering this option she said yes, and here is the amazing result.

I trust she will continue to publish these books throughout the years, because the content is so absolutely powerful and explained in such a way that you feel like you are receiving a cold drink on a hot day. I am so very thankful for how God has brought Faye into my life. Her writings from the Comfy Chair with a View feel like a chat with a wise mentor. They offer hope, encouragement and gentle motivation to apply the truths taught.

You can’t help but feel that you are journeying with Faye as you join her by her Comfy Chair with a View. The questions, the struggle and then the truth, hope, and challenge always leave me feeling inspired and better equipped to face the day. Thank you, Faye, for creating this e-book, I know I and numerous others will be encouraged, challenged, and led to maturity in Christ because of it.

Andrea Fehr
Author of Freaking Out to Flying Free
and Founder of Flying Free Ministries


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