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Praise is not situational.

There’s a difference between joy and happiness. One is dependent on circumstances, the other on the knowledge of who God is.

There’s a difference between praise and gratitude. One is dependent on circumstances, the other on the worthiness of the one being praised.

We could praise God in the midst of financial troubles because even without us having income, God is worthy of our praise.

I could praise God minutes after hearing, “You have melanoma,” because He is always worthy of my praise.

I could praise Him in the midst of an afib episode because God is so worthy of praise.

We can praise Him as we ache over the loss of a loved one because God is worthy.

No matter where we are or what is happening in our life, God never ever changes, His worth is the same. Our praise of Him and to Him should remain the same in every circumstance. When we continue to praise Him, we realize how much bigger than our situation God is.

Let’s make praise a daily habit. Even if we don’t “bother” God with our requests, let’s take a few minutes to praise Him for who He is.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.