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No need to compare

Holy is defined as “exalted or worthy of complete devotion as one perfect in goodness and righteousness.”

This verse in 1 Samuel reminds us that there is no one as worthy of complete devotion as one perfect in goodness and righteousness as God Himself.

Then there’s the declaration that there is none to compare to God and that there is no rock like God.

Pretty strong words, those.

Truth is strong. Truth is relevant. Truth is needed.

It is very easy to make comparisons even when we’re not specifically saying that God is like someone.

Too often we assign human attributes to God when He is so far above humans that we can’t even grasp Him. We think God would feel this way or that way just like we do. We expect Him to act in certain ways in certain situations, and he doesn’t.

Then we get angry and walk away from our faith – in part or in whole.

I believe if we took a dose of this verse every day, it would help correct our thinking. When we recognize how holy God is, when we realize that there is no one’s thinking that measures up to His, we will become better attuned to His thoughts and ways – even though they remain higher than our own.

Let’s work on recognizing that God is the Lord above all lords and we are not. We are not the rock upon which to depend. We are not always steadfast and true. We are not stronger than strong and worthy of complete devotion. We are not God and He is not human. We need to stop expecting that He will think and act as we do and basing our faith on that expectation.

And tomorrow?

Let’s do it all again: stepping off the throne of our lives and putting God there.

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