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It has become difficult to trust people because we’ve had so many choose to lie to us, contractors who don’t do the job they signed up to do, car repair folks who don’t change the oil filter even though you paid for it, lawn care teams that don’t complete the job, spouses who cheat, accountants who intentionally miscalculate – they don’t keep their word.

When we live in a world like this, it’s easy to slide into that state with them. Little “white” lies (What a lie of the enemy! A lie is a lie, each one heinous in God’s sight!) become easier to tell than the truth.

We have to be conscious of what is in our mind and heart, because that’s what comes out of our mouths – and what’s inside is what God sees and judges.

It’s refreshing to find someone who tells the truth, though when they care enough to answer our question about what they see in us truthfully, it may sting. That, however, is an amazing gift.

It’s also refreshing to find someone who does what they say they will do. Jesus said not to swear by heaven, earth, parents, or self. To just let your yes be yes and your no be no. When people do that now, we’re surprised.

None of this, “I swear on my mama’s grave, I’ll do this by next Friday!” No. Say, “I will do this by next Friday!” Then DO it by next Friday.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in this culture of less-than-truth and forget that God isn’t like us. He is all Truth. All the time. He keeps His word, period.

We get confused sometimes and think He hasn’t when its really that He hasn’t YET. If God makes a promise, it will be fulfilled.

It’s time we grabbed onto that truth as our real and lasting hope, believing it, walking in it as if it’s already reality, and never letting go just because it isn’t instantaneous.

Coffee, Bible, Journal.