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It really will get better.

What we will have in the future is completely beyond our understanding.

This verse is so uplifting to me today of all days. I’m dealing with pain that takes my breath. It’s been a week or more since it started.

I fully believe the Spirit prompted Paul to write these words because He knows that humans in pain tend to get very self focused. I mean, when the simple act of lifting your head causes waves of pain, it’s hard not to think of yourself, right?

I believe God wants our focus on Him at all times. And while the pain may still wrack your body, you can know that before long, the blessings of painlessness and peace of mind are so far beyond what you can even imagine. That’s something to focus on!

Today I’m choosing to take care of me, and I’m also keeping the truth of Jesus’ imminent return in the forefront of my sight. How about you?

Coffee, Bible, Journal.