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Is He a Way-Back-Then or Current God?

We just celebrated Easter, talking about that day when Jesus got up, the grave unable to hold Him. My social media feeds have been chock full of reminders of God’s greatness and His righteous acts for the past week.

More people crossed the thresholds of church buildings yesterday than in the past four months. And they heard of the righteous acts of God.

These words found in Psalm 22, inspired by Almighty God, were penned by David hundreds of years before his 25th great-grandson came along, within a Psalm declaring the majesty and righteous acts of God.

I believe they are apt for both times, David’s and 25 generations later, and even today, April 22, 2019.

We learn of the righteous acts of God and we share them. We tell others about how amazing He is … or do we?

Sadly, some have abdicated that telling to the priest or preacher. Instead of seeing what God has done lately and sharing the story, they let the preacher tell the age-old stories and leave it there.

As a result, many only see a “way back then” God who doesn’t do much today.
I believe this makes God weep and hinders people from coming to salvation. God has revealed Himself to His people through signs and wonders, yet they don’t point them out and tell others what happened.

Let’s start mixing the stories of old, the Red Sea, Goliath, Joseph in Egypt, Israel’s rescue from Egypt, with the stories of today. For me that includes telling of healing from cancer – twice, my husband’s surviving a brain aneurysm and more.

What miracles have you seen? What righteous acts of God have you experienced?

Let’s start the telling today. Let’s choose to no longer let the preacher be the only one who gets to tell the amazing stories of God!

Are you ready?

Coffee, Bible, Journal.