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How to Prosper and Succeed

Joshua told the people of Israel, “Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do.”

Now, back then they didn’t have all 66 books like we do, but the implication is clear: learn God and His Law + obey completely = prosper. 

We do so love to skip over that middle part, though, don’t we? Obey everything it says?

We love to go to church and have the Book spoon fed to us, but that’s pre-chewed food: some nutrition, but not nearly enough.

God knew that’s how it would be, so He prompted Joshua to say this and to lead the People to read, study, and learn.

In our culture, there are so many ways to read the Book – an actual book with pages sits idly on a shelf in our homes or a digital, searchable version resides on our favorite device.

The trouble is, we don’t slow down enough to read, much less digest and meditate on what we’ve read.

Then we wonder why our lives seem off-kilter.

We need to change that.

We need to stop thinking that once-a-week pre-chewed meal is all we need. It’s not. It’s just not enough! We have to get through the rest of that day and six others. We need real nourishment from the Father Himself every single day!

Let’s commit to change today. If you’re a believer and not a regular reader of the Bible, pick it up today. Start with the Gospel of John and Proverbs. Read a chapter of each and ask God to show you Himself. Then look! Look into the words. Question why this word or that was used. What does that phrase really mean? And most importantly, how does this apply to me right here, right now?

If you use a Bible app, it likely has reading plans. Use them! The devotions are nice and often helpful, but we need to be reading the Word and allowing the Holy Spirit to explain them and apply them.

Prosperity will become your everyday, but maybe not what you expect. There is a wealth we can’t comprehend in moving nearer to the Lord and walking with Him. Because you’ll be choosing His plans and His ways, you will be successful in all of them.

His Word is waiting! Who’s in?

Coffee, Bible, Journal.