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Living leads to Following

Paul wrote a letter to the church in Galatia…

Learning moment: Galatia was an area in Asia Minor that we know now as Turkey – the area where the capital of Ankara is. An interesting fact is that ancient Roman writers called those who lived there “Galli” meaning Gauls or Celts.

Just after Paul wrote about the fruit of the Spirit, he penned these words, “Since we are living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives.“

“Since we are living”? If we’re living by the Spirit, wouldn’t we already be following His leading in all our lives?

I believe what Paul was saying was that since we have Life through the Spirit – we come to salvation only by the Spirit’s leading – life eternal, life abundant, we should follow the Spirit’s leading in all areas. If He led us to Jesus, we can trust Him to lead us rightly in all other areas of our lives.

“Let us follow.” A choice. We choose whether to follow where the Spirit leads. Of course that means we have to look up and pay attention to see where He is leading. When we follow the Spirit who is God, our lives will look different to the world. We will be marked by our different attitude and choices. We will display personal integrity, godly character, and moral courage, and our conduct will be empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Have you LIFE because the Holy Spirit drew you to Jesus? Are you choosing to follow Him, allowing Him to direct every aspect of your life? It’s not too late.

Choose Him over you today. Rest in His living through you. Be amazed at the changes in you because you’ve trusted in Him.


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