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God as CEO

Colossians 3:23-24 seems like an easy enough pill to swallow, right?

We have our moments when we feel like our jobs aren’t horrible. But do we really work them as though our boss was Jesus?

What would you do differently if God was the CEO where you work? If Jesus walked the job site and you could see the scars in His hands and feet? Would you behave differently? Would you feel differently about your job?

I hear you. You feel like your boss is more like the enemy than God, that to them you can’t do anything right, you couldn’t win their approval no matter what you did.

We have to realize that working for God wouldn’t necessarily be a cakewalk either. He would want the job done and done to the very best we can do – and He knows exactly what our best is. He would want us to be on time, work hard during work hours, and be obedient to our supervisors.

Far too often we look at our job as that place we have to go just to put food on the table. We dread it every time we head to work. And still, God said to work willingly as though we’re working for the Lord.

What would it look like at our job if we walked in with our shoulders back, a spring in our step, a smile on our face, and a joyful spirit instead of a hot, downtrodden mess that obviously doesn’t want to be there?

Better yet, what kind of blessings will we receive for being obedient to this instruction?

See, our employer pays us with money and benefits, but the Lord is storing up an inheritance as our reward for our obedience and right choices.

What do you say, Moms? As you change that hundredth diaper today, and answered the millionth question, remember that your boss is God Himself. Serve that child as though you’re serving the King of kings.

Mechanic, lawyer, retailer, salesman, designer, engineer, receptionist, cashier, homemaker, student, doctor, carpenter, nurse, iron worker, mason, teacher – whatever your job, look at your boss – that client, customer, patient, foreman, or supervisor, and choose to see God. Choose to work willingly for that person you see as though they are the One you can’t see.

One day you’ll get that amazing inheritance when you get to see your real Boss face to face.

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