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Fragile Jars That Don’t Crush

Hey Christian? You know how you have the light of Jesus in you, but yesterday you said something totally messed up? You did something utterly wrong?

Here’s your answer: you’re a fragile clay jar and He is this great treasure abiding within. You’ll mess up. But you don’t have to keep messing up!

Any power or even desire to do the right and righteous things is HIS, not yours.

Now, that’s not to say you get a pass when you do things that are anti-God (that’s what sinful disobedience is). He forgives, but He also expects us to get on the obedience bandwagon and stop going down the path of destruction.

If we truly have the Spirit living in us, three things will happen when we sin:

  1. We’ll know what we did was wrong.
  2. We’ll make the corrective changes
    to keep from revisiting that sin.
  3. We’ll long to do what God considers

That is the power of God in us. He gives us knowledge and wisdom, discernment and desire to do right. Ah-maz-ing!

This power of God stored away in our fragile clay jars helps us in other ways, too.

All those crises that seem to come all at once from every direction? They don’t crush a believer, even though we feel the pressure.

Those things that happen and we just can’t wrap our minds around them? We are confused and left to wonder why, but we stay on the path, not knocked off it into valleys of despair.

We have a very real enemy who hunts us down to steal everything from material goods to blessings to reputation. Despite his best age-old efforts, though, he can’t separate us from our God who never abandons us.

Life is hard, y’all, and it will knock us down. Sometimes we might sit there a moment to catch our breath, but we are ONLY knocked down, we are not destroyed. Look to God and get back up!

We still have life.
We still have hope.
We still have purpose.

All because of the incredible power of God living in us. This is the life of a believer in the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins that otherwise would keep us separated from God.

Time to look inside and catch a glimpse of that incredible light inside us and recognize His power within us. Time to plug in to that power and stop letting life render us ineffective. Time to start living as God-called warriors ready for battle to live our the purpose for which we were designed.

Are you ready?

Coffee, Bible, Journal.