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Does your love look like God’s perfect love?

Perfect love.

Is your love for others perfect?
I confess, mine is not. I tend to critique (read: judge) much more than I should and my compassion is often waning by end of day.

God, however has and IS perfect love.

Actually, let’s look back a verse or two to be sure we know what John was saying. Seems he was talking about Judgment Day, when we’ll face Almighty God to give an account for us, our choices and behaviors. There won’t be any sloughing something off as insignificant. He already knows all of it.

All. Of. It.

However, here is where God’s perfect love will shine! And we who are believers in and followers of Jesus will too, because as we’ve followed Him and grown in our faith, our love has grown into more perfect love.

See, my imperfect love that I mentioned above is vastly different than the love I had 20 years ago, even a year ago! As I mature in my faith, growing closer to God, becoming the image of Christ, my love has matured and looks more like His.

We tend to over prepare for that week of vacation and under prepare for eternity. Shouldn’t that be the other way around?

Let’s evaluate our love honestly today. Does it look like God’s perfect love or something far different? Let’s set about growing closer to our Savior so we look more like Him and love more like Him.

Ready? Set. Love!

Coffee, Bible, Journal.