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Do you hate criticism?

I don’t really like criticism. I usually become defensive and I feel hurt.

There are a few folks I will receive it from without question, however, because I know their love for me. I know they care too much to let me continue in the path I’m going.

When we receive the life-giving correction these priceless people give us, we get to take our seats among the wise.

Anyone can run ahead of their abilities or their knowledge and plunge themselves into all sorts of trouble. It takes no special understanding to say, “I know what I’m doing, I’ll do it however I want!”

However. To hear a rebuke from a trusted source and bring ourselves up short requires thoughtfulness and a desire to be more and do more. When we hear and digest those words of constructive criticism and correct our thinking and our course, our plans pan out, our hearts are right, and wisdom grows within us.

It might be time today to choose those trusted people and let them speak truth into your life, then listen closely when they interrupt your headlong drive toward a goal. Hear what they are saying. God may very well be speaking to you through them. Make all necessary course corrections and move ahead.

Then take a seat and rest among those counted as wise.


Coffee, Bible, Journal.