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Choose to say no to evil-for-evil revenge.

Paul wrote these words in a letter to believers. He was giving them instructions in how to live daily and godly lives. They’re very apt for us today.

Anyone who has paid attention in our world recently has seen frustration that escalated to extreme action. Road rage, shopping rage, jealous rage, political rage – pick a rage.

As believers we are called to a higher standard. Yes we are permitted anger, but not evil-for-evil revenge. We who have the Holy Spirit living in us are guided by God Himself – if we’re listening and obeying.

When someone hurts or offends us, we should never hit the path of, “Oh yeah!?! Well, you…”

We should never reply to someone’s barb with one of our own.

See, the goal is not our comfort or happiness. It is that others see Jesus and are so enamored by Him in our lives that they want Him. It’s about building the Kingdom of God. Always. All ways.

We have lost the art of listening with intent. Half listening, we are quick to misconstrue what is said and hardly care what is meant.

It’s time, Believer, to change that.

Let’s start today a different way. Let’s listen to what people say with zero intent of reply. If you don’t have to reply, your mind will focus on the words and tones of the speaker. You’ll HEAR what is being said. If you aren’t sure what that person meant by what they said, ask them! “You said, ‘this,’ can you explain that to me a little?”

If after understanding just what was meant you find it was meant offensively, leave it there. Seriously! Leave it alone. Let your only reply be to thank that person for sharing with you, then walk away.

Walk away.

Oh! And Church (that’s all y’all believers) we’re to check each other on this. When we see a spiritual sibling failing in this area, we’re to call them on it and those of us called down are to heed that check.

Remember? It’s not about us.
It’s all about God.
All about His Kingdom.
And really, isn’t that freeing?

Coffee, Bible, Journal.