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Being the iron that sharpens

How does iron sharpen iron?

In our time, we’re more familiar with stone sharpening iron, but the concept is the same.

Upon use, the iron of an axe, the steel of a knife, any edged implement loses its edge. Its sharpness, its usefulness is diminished.

When the sharpening rod or stone is correctly applied, the iron is scraped away until the edge reappears, making the tool useful again.

Proverbs says the same happens between friends.

Wait. What?

My relationship with friends should scrape away at the less-than-sharp places in me to make me useful again?


The answer is yes. Absolutely yes. And we should desire that sort of relationship, because those keep us fit for service in the Kingdom.

We have the choice to hang with friends who make us feel good, that love the same coffee we do, that are always up for whatever we want OR we can sit down with true friends who can look in our eyes and see what’s going on. They are willing to tell the truth about you – all done with great love, because they want you at the top of your game serving Jesus.

While it won’t feel good as the useless is scraped from our life, we can recognize that the new edge brings us back into His will, living the purpose for which we were created.

And the double benefit? We get to do the same for our friend who has loved us enough to confront sin or complacency in us – causing two to walk away from the engagement better than they entered.

Let’s choose today. We can have those cool coffee dates, but let’s become intentional about being and having those iron friends that will sharpen one another no matter the cost.

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