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On Being Clay

In Isaiah’s time as a prophet, God revealed to him his immense anger at Israel for the sins they chose to live in. See, it wasn’t the slip, the one-time sins. No, most of the people of Israel had made a new life choice to continually do the things that were against God’s will.

That choice to deny Him angered God to no end and He told Isaiah how He was going to punish the people, the nation. Then He was silent.

Isn’t that a scary place to be? When the one who holds authority over you has spoken, then no matter what you say or so, remains silent? You can’t help but wonder if they’re hearing or seeing you. You don’t know if they’re about to carry out their plan. It’s frightening. It’s disconcerting. It’s unnerving.

In what we know as chapter 64, Isaiah prays to God, extolling His mighty works and His compassion to Israel, whom He has chosen as His. “But You have been very angry with us, for we are not godly,” he says.

Isaiah understood God’s anger and the reasons behind it. Then he states, ““And yet, O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We all are formed by your hand.”
Isaiah reminded God that He is our Father, our Maker, our Leader. Not as a way of saying, “Well, YOU made us this way!” placing the blame for humans’ sinful choices at God’s feet. This was more as a way to say, “Father, You designed us and chose us. Please don’t abandon us to our own ridiculous choices.”

I believe if we look around us today, we see much of the same behavior Isaiah saw and God despised. Since God never changes, we must accept that the same warnings He gave Isaiah apply to us today. This is hard truth, but still truth.

There is never a better time to repent of our ungodly choices than right now. We don’t know if we’ll make it home or to church again.

We must choose to do what it takes to return to God. If that means giving up lifestyles or obsessions, that’s what we must do. If it means changing our words or our entertainment, we must do it.

When we are walking fully in the Light, living way differently than the world around us, people will notice. When we’re loving our spiritual siblings like crazy, the world around us will know we’re following Jesus. When they see our hope and peace in a hopeless, chaotic time, they will ask – and we have to be be ready to answer.

Confess. Repent. Refuse to step away from God and His Truth. Love Him with everything. Be the clay.

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