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Being humble

‘Humble yourself’ Peter wrote.

Does that mean to bow my head when I pray?

Yes, and more.

See, when Peter wrote the word ταπεινόω which is translated as humble, he meant “to become low.” Word study shares, “humility, true lowliness happens by being fully dependent on the Lord – dismissing reliance upon self (self-government) and emptying carnal ego. This exalts the Lord as our all-in-all and prompts the gift of His fullness in us.”

Webster says it’s “ranking low in a hierarchy.”

Once again, it’s all about the heart. That part of us that sometimes we don’t even understand. If our heart position is haughty before Almighty God, we’re in trouble.

God chastised Job for trying to counsel Him – as though Job knew anything about anything.

In Psalms and Isaiah we see His words telling about spreading the sky over the earth like a tent curtain and weighing the mountains in His hands.

We’re not there, my friends. We’re just not there.

Oh, we’re a smart lot. We know things. But God knows more, much, much more.

We must never entertain the thought that we’re so smart, so accomplished, so well off that we don’t need God.

We must remember that our every breath comes from Him. We can’t even breathe without Him! That’s pretty humbling, don’t you think?

And do you see the rest of this verse? When we remain humble, at a certain time, He will lift us up.

That doesn’t mean we’ll be famous, but have you ever looked at Ephesians 2:10? God calls us His masterpiece, His finest work, ready for display. I believe that when the time is right, when we’ve been completely humble before God, He will lift us up and say, “Do you see my son/daughter? Look at him/her. See what I have been able to do in him/her? Follow this example.”

Oh glorious day! To be chosen by the Father to be lifted up as an example of what He has done with little old me!

I don’t know about you, but I want God to be that pleased with me. I want my life to impact the Kingdom of God, to show other believers how incredibly awesome our God really is.

Are you ready? Today, let’s look at the hierarchy and see God at the very top and us at the bottom. It’s not a ladder to climb. We’ll always be lower than Him, and that’s okay, because, my goodness! How He loves us!

Learn to walk and breathe and live with the knowledge and attitude of being fully dependent on the Creator.

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